A field of dreams; built it, and you've come. (Fast ball down the middle, couldn't help myself.) This site, def OG, but the words are the thing.

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THE READ ~ A column/blog about life and issues, (mostly just life)


ALTERNATE ROUTE ~ A road untraveled


POWER COUPLE ~ Has it ever been done?


GILLY & JOEY ~ Synopsis of the film


FROM TIME TO TIME ~ Synopisis of the film/novel


SKIN ~ A coming-of-age screenplay, written for Peter Himmelman's masterpiece concept album of the same name


CINDERELLA ~ A pitch and a story


FILM LOGLINES ~ Short and sweet


PEOPLE & POLITICS ~ An opinion column, (the presidential election was a doozy)


POEM PRECIS ~ Poetic license 


SHORT STORIES ~ Three short stories, A Satisfying Meal, Wings of Change, and The Embrace


FILM SHORT ~ Wanted to produce a short entirely by myself, conceiving, acting, shooting, and editing. Did it, and, my kingdom for a cast & crew


DOCUMENTARY SHORT ~ Was inspired to tell their story


IMAGEine THAT ~ My family and players from the blog


GROTTO WALK ~ Pics linked to the blog, Touchstones