Jan. 16, 2016

The Vibe

Told you I’d find my way to topics again, and what a topic it is, the Law of Vibration.  But first, I should tend to a little house keeping.  No, we still don’t have one; or a date.   Considering the time it takes to schedule movers, we’ll pass the one-year anniversary of signing the contract before we get to move in.  I guess we’ll find out what day it’ll be finished, the day before it is.  Interesting way to do business. 

On to better topics.  Recently, I’ve been engrossed in studying, the Law of Vibration.  Stumbled on it in a rather round about way ~ spiders.  Since we’ve moved to the stink capitol of the U.S., have recruited some new arachnid friends.  They follow me around.  Very strange.  Spiders are in my reality; noticeably.  In the beginning, they were everywhere; on me, next to me, dropping down to greet me.  Oy, a little unsettling.  Figured I’d get the scoop, looked it up on the all-knowing internet.  The explanation: spiders are vibration sensitive and are drawn to people’s vibes.  Thankfully, they’ve graduated to just sitting next to me.  I recently ask one not to crawl on me.  Figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.  It’s the craziest thing.  When I’m lying in bed, sitting at this table, (new basement perch for the computer,) and even when I’m visiting my congressman in the loo, they’re not picky about location, just vibration. 

In all of my research, the best explanation for the law of vibration, came from the website, Universe Laws, and it goes something like this: human beings are made up of molecules, just like everything else in the universe, which means, we are nothing but pure energy.  We share this state with everything; rocks, clothes, this wooden table beneath me, all energy. 

This is the Law of Vibration.   

Although I feel at one with my table right now, (we are very close,) oak just isn’t my vibe.  Human energy vibrates at a different frequency.  Much higher.  Hence, movement.  All this harkens back to our high school science days.  Energy, mass, speed of light stuff; E=mc2, it’s all too Einsteinian for my brain.  As the website mentioned, “This is all fine and dandy philosophical stuff, but what are the practical applications of the law of vibration?”  Scientists have come to some interesting mathematical conclusions, everything (and everyone) has a specific vibrational frequency.  People found on the higher side: millionaires, (the Powerball winners just took a quantum leap,) people in successful relationships, happy, optimistic, and fit people.  Those with the highest frequencies, spiritual people.  Well, there’s a no-brainer. 

Even more interesting to me, you can work to raise your vibrational level; and it’s all easy stuff.  Drink water, take a walk, listen to music, be grateful, love as much and as often as you can.  I kid you not.  Pleasant, decent and kind thoughts make those dancing protons, neutrons and electrons kick out the jams.  Leave it to the likes of Einstein to approach spirituality from a method.  But, numbers don’t lie.  Faith can be measured with quantum physics. 

This rather heady topic leads me to another one of my unusual and memorable incidents.  It happened when I was seven (and now, I believe it had everything to do with the vibe.)  I walked into the kitchen of our Omaha, Nebraska split foyer, the hottest new middle class symbol of success, (boy, that dates me,) and saddled up to a small Formica table; taking a seat across from my grandmother.  By this time, she was well into both her 70s and dementia and she didn’t talk much, and certainly not when she was absorbed in polishing the bottom of my Mother’s pots. (Guardian Service, by name,) it was big, heavy-duty aluminum cookware.  I guess it was as good a way as any to fill your time when you’ve lost your footing. 

Realizing what she was doing, it struck me, maybe I should help her; a way to communicate without having to say a word.  She could be a nasty woman, always was to my Mom, (her daughter-in-law, who was an absolute sweetheart,) but in this deteriorated state, she was a pussycat.  On the table was a cotton-like polish you could pull directly out of a tub and rub to your heart’s content.  Grabbed a pinch and a pot and joined the party.  (As a part of our regular Saturday chores, Mom taught us how to polish.  We had two brass tables and we kept those puppies spotless.  I had this down.)  As we sat there, silently dedicated to our collective home improvement project, all of a sudden, I found myself above the kitchen, watching the scene below.  Took in the aerial view for a moment and then a voice posed a question.  It wasn’t really something audible, more like a universal connection, “What is the meaning of life?”  I answered, not of myself, but of the whole, “Love.” 

After that, I was back in my body, happily laboring away.  The peace I felt in that state has no words, I won’t try to explain it.  Suffice it to say, it was like nothing I had felt before or since.  A frequency removed.  Quantum physics.  Certainly made an impact.  (And you wondered why I’m always pushing love on you.) 

Would venture a guess things like that happen to children all the time, was just given the gift of being able to remember it.  Guess the reason, so I could share it.  So, here you go, that stuff about us all being One isn’t just spiritual mumbo jumbo, no matter how you dice it, we’re all made up of the same energy.  Unzip the perishable container we walk around in and we couldn’t help but connect.  That’s the vibe. 

Gonna keep working on raising my vibrations, I need to; don’t have the love thing down enough.  But I’m moving in that direction.  According to the principals of E=mc2, when an object is pushed in the direction of motion, it gains momentum and energy.  Going to keep moving toward the center, where the vibrations move at the greatest rate, where it’s pure Light.  Where Love lives; yes, that’s the vibe.  


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