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Nov. 18, 2016

The Women have waited long enough; it’s a suitable time to share the thoughts. There’s a long list of women who inspire me, but for the sake of your time and inches on this site, I’ve cut it down to five.    

Relevant to current events, the first formidable female on the list is, Millicent Fawcett. In 1897, Fawcett formed the, National Union of Women’s Suffrage. She wanted to vote. She wanted to change the perception that women were too stupid to understand the workings of government and law-making. Hard to believe there was a time when that pompous and visionless nonsense was the accepted judgment on females.  (Interesting that women have outnumbered men on college campuses since the 1970s, but that’s for another time.)  Although the Suffragette movement ultimately turned to violence to get their message across, Fawcett prescribed peaceful protest. Hers was the long game; played out with logical arguments (big fan of that approach.)  She understood that violence reduced the cause to the same base thinking they were fighting against. No discerning person would resort to violence to make their point. In words or deed. A respectful nod to you, Ms. Fawcett; yours was an example to be emulated. 

Let’s bring it up to date; next on the hit parade, Joanna Coles, the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She’s recently been promoted to the newly created position, Chief Content Officer, for all Hearst domestic and international titles.  (A collection of heavy hitters.)   This is an impressive woman.  British born, Coles has a BA in English and American Literature, from the University of East Anglia. Her career includes a list of high-profile publications, including The Spectator, The Guardian, and The Times of London. When she landed at the Hearst Corporation, she started as editor-in-chief of Marie Claire before moving over to Cosmopolitan, with her hand in Seventeen as well.  (That’s an eclipsed version of her career and accomplishments, but you get the idea.)   My knowledge of Ms. Coles came through Instagram, started following Cosmo, which lead me to Ms. Coles’ feed. She makes the list for several reasons; first, and most obvious, as a writer, I admire her talent and track record. Next, the expansion she brought to Cosmo speaks volumes about her respect for, not only the whimsy of women, but their creativity, intelligence and power as well. When I take a break to escape the thunderous noise of a dreadfully divided world, Instagram is a salve; and Joanna Coles, an oracle.  She offers the perfect prescription of frivolous fun, female fraternity, and practical politics. And finally, I admire her for her ability to poke fun at herself.  The woman makes me laugh on a regular basis. She’s armed with Boomerang, and she knows how to use it. She has a treadmill desk, nuff said. Thanks for the comic relief, we all need it.

The next person on the list danced her way into my heart. Her story and talent are the stuff legends are made of.  Misty Copeland didn’t start dancing until she was 13; emerging as a phenom, she glided into her professional career within one year. She joined the American Ballet Theater’s Studio Company at 18, after only five years of training.  Unheard-of. The next part of her story I have a hard time even bringing up, because I don’t categorize people by color, but it is unavoidable in it’s poignancy, Ms. Copeland is the first African American Woman to rise to the coveted position of Principal Dancer in ABT’s 75 year history.  In 2015 she was named one of the 100 Most Influential People, by Time Magazine.  She is extraordinary.  The best part of her story is her path.  Where all her contemporaries were students of wealth and privilege, Misty lived in a hotel with her parents and five siblings. Hers was a life of poverty.  A story of overcoming demoralizing obstacles to become a prima ballerina.  (At the bottom there’s a link to a YouTube feature story, five minutes that’s worth the time.)  Include Misty on the list not only for her unique story, it’s a wellspring of inspiration, but primarily for her unmatched talent. Watching her is transcendent. She was put on this earth to dance; perfection in motion. Such perfection should be noted.

The next woman is one I admire for many reasons, none more so than her selfless service. In the face of constant undermining, it is a wonder that Hillary Clinton has continued in a life of public service for so long.  The fabrications about her career, brings her to the list. I’m okay with political gamesmanship, to a point, but the disgraceful way the Republican Party has dogged Mrs. Clinton borders on criminal. Got in a political discussion with a conservative recently and she made the comment, (with complete conviction,) that Hillary Clinton was responsible for murdering people. Yup, there it is, the line, crossed. As President-elect Trump has mentioned since the election, Hillary Clinton is a good person; a good person with a successful career that’s been turned into something nefarious by the GOP.  Can only imagine, calling Mrs. Clinton a murderer was referring to Benghazi. A devastating event that joins the list of 13 prior deadly attacks on US diplomatic facilities since 1998; and seven US ambassadors who have been killed since 1950. Attacks that were not held over the heads of the Secretaries of State at the helm for those tragedies; oh, that’s right, because they weren’t Mrs. Clinton, and none of them had presidential aspirations. Benghazi was a perfect storm of misfortune, starting with the security lapse precipitated by proximity.  The compound was a provisional base, set up for one week only.  Ambassador Stevens was normally based at the embassy in Tripoli.  Anger was high in the already incredibly unstable region not only because of the propagandized video, Innocence of Muslims, being promoted by the Koran-burning preacher, Terry Jones, but by the anniversary of 9/11.  Just as the attacks for the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed weren’t carried out against the Danish embassies until months later, the anger surrounding the Benghazi attack flared like a flash in a pan. There was no warning. There didn’t need to be protests in the streets, they were happening in their homes, in front of YouTube. The information Hillary and her team came out with at the time was to the best of their knowledge. Americans want answers now, they tried to keep us informed. The attackers arrived in trucks that were marked with the name of the local Islamists who were working with the government to provide security.  How we have allowed ourselves to be duped into thinking there should be any fault heaped on Hillary Clinton is shameful. She did the best she could do in the instantaneously explosive situation.  Thank you for your dedication to our country, Mrs. Clinton, your service has been admirable; to say the least. 

Okay, saved the best for last. The woman who gave me the idea for this column; my favorite female in the world, and the person I admire more than anyone, my daughter, Shay. She doesn’t make the list via nepotism, she‘s earned the top slot the hard way. Her kindness and consideration in the face of those who don’t deserve that respect is notable. She’s been a potent example of patience, tolerance and unconditional love. Although she’s had justifiable reasons, I’ve never seen her be angry with or mistreat anyone. And yet the mistreatment she has endured would have fried the patience of a saint. I’ve burned for her, (many times.)  But she keeps her cool and her compassion in tact, no matter what; I’m always humbled by her restraint. A character trait that’s exercised regularly but nowhere more overtly than when she’s working. For years she was the GM for an exclusive nightclub in Miami, dealing with an interesting cross-section of people. From her regular clients, who became friends and dropped a grand every visit, to the most obnoxious, entitled snobs you can imagine, who wanted everything for nothing, she treated everyone with respect.  I’ve been with her throughout the night, several times, arriving at 10:00 p.m. and staying until 6 a.m., (if I wanted to visit her it was clubin for me; the wee hours thinned, we snuck in our quality time.)  Watching her with those crowds was like watching a maestro, she worked the place like a complicated instrument, turning out some beautiful music. So many times I watched her defuse anger and turn a tough situation into a workable solution, using her strongest tool, kindness; wrapped in amazing efficiency. Exhaustion never altered her charity, where most people would snap with an average of only three hours of sleep a night, (she ran the marketing and social media for the club, a restaurant and a start-up app during the day,) she could be like the walking-dead and still be affable. Her endless energy and brilliant creativity has taken her in a new direction and I have no doubt she will make her mark. She’s a natural born philanthropist, in every sense of the word. Thanks for always sharing your heart, Shay, it’s been a priceless lesson. 

All these women have one thing in common, they make the world a better place; their talent, intelligence, extraordinary gifts, dedication, energy, selflessness, passion and strong character are what the world needs. Now, more than ever. 


Misty Copeland



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Aug. 26, 2016

I’m back.  Finally.  Been writing, but for other purposes, work that needed done.  Unfortunately, it kept me from hangin out with you.  I’ve missed you.  Several people have reminded me lately that I haven’t written; it’s time. 

If you talked to me yesterday, the name of the column would have been, The Women, that’s what’s been in the pipeline; but on my two-hour drive home from the old hood today, another blog stepped in.  Ladies, you’ll get your due, but first things first. 

It was one of the females from, The Women, who got me thinking in another direction.  A person who’s made several appearances in the blog, AK; she had a birthday this past week, gave her a call to shower some b-day love.  Before I go on, a bit of recap is necessary.  AK is quite possibly one of the funniest people in the world.  No exaggeration.  This is a rare mind, one that has a quip or a comical comeback for even the most serious of topics.  Her levity has always been strong medicine; it’s her MO.  Lately, the prescription has changed.  The world is doing a number on her; on us all. 

The last couple times we’ve talked, the conversation took a different turn.  Her light and playful spirit has been replaced by a deep concern for the world.  Oh, she still gets some classic zingers in; but her heart is weighed down by all the negativity around us, she’s even mentioned the possibility that we’re beyond hope.  Wait a minute, this is AK we’re talking about.  She sees the jollity in everything.  If she’s doubting the future of the world, we’re in trouble.

Humor has been kidnapped; we’re an angry society.  Anger is the new black.  We wear it like the latest fashion statement.  Everywhere you turn, people are angry; forget humor, there’s not even a smile to be had.  It’s damn near impossible to get people to even look at you, let alone return a smile.  Make a point of trying to smile at every person I pass on the street, and the reciprocation is dismal. Give it a try, it’s pretty disheartening.  People today avoid looking at each other.  Why?  It hasn’t always been like this, where did we go wrong? 

I have a theory ~ permeation.  Could get all scientific on you, but the easiest analogy is the Kool-Aid Man, you know, the beloved pitcher of red sweetness, who came on the scene in 1954, crashing though walls to say, “Oh Yeah”.  (He has since adopted a kinder, gentler approach.)  The transformation of that bulbous visual aid is what I’m talking about.  If you pour enough red into a clear host, the color takes over. 

Our current political climate is bright red; saturated with anger.  And it’s only compounding our problems.  Anger begets anger.  There’s been so much of it in recent history, the world is seeing red.  We’ve been infiltrated by negative thinking; and the more we contribute to it, the darker things get.  Tough to avoid, though, especially when you’re saturated.  It hangs in the stratosphere, just waiting to invade the next thought.  Spreads like a cancer.  No wonder the world is in such dire straights, we’ve annexed the air; unwittingly created a pervasive atmosphere of antagonism.  If it continues to perpetuate itself, AK might be right. 

So what do we do?  Tough spot.  Gonna have to start small and work our way clear; if we got here, we can get back.  Might as well try, what do we have to lose?  Let’s weight it: an angry society that ends up imploding on itself, or a peaceful existence.  Sounds like a hard choice to me. (Never said we couldn’t be sarcastic.)  Kidding aside, it’s time for a new mindset, one person at a time.  Alter the permeation, imbue the world with consideration and self-control.  #TeamTemperance; restraint from retaliation and excessive anger.  We need to start resting in a little reason. 

It's gonna be work to get the red out.  But, let's be real; how important is that angry response anyway, is it even necessary?  Could it be reasoned out?  Maybe we can stop choosing to see the worst in people and look for the best.  There are some pretty cool people in this world, if we’re always looking for what’s wrong with them, we miss everything that’s right.  And maybe our opinions are just that, ours.  There’s enough room for everyone to have one.  Everything doesn’t have to be a fight.  Rarely pick one, but my dukes shoot up when I’m confronted; but even that makes the water a deeper red.  I need to join #TT.  It's not going to be easy, red is a persistant color, but do we have a choice?

Maybe, just maybe, we can start with something as simple as a passing smile on the street.  Even the Kool-Aid Man knows how to do that.  


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Jul. 5, 2016

This is a project I’ve been kicking around for a while, a blog created entirely from song lyrics.  (They move me, always have.)  One line at a time, the artists tell the story.  Have taken liberty with punctuation and context, but the lyrics are exact.  The artists and the song the lines are taken from are listed at the bottom, in the order they appear.  Spaces denote new paragraphs, (makes it easy to reference the artists if you are so moved.) 



Taking into account the current state of our world, this is what came out.


Here I am, in a river of questions, can I pour my heart out to a listening ear?  I don’t exactly know what’s going on in the world today, don’t know what there is to say about the way people are treating each other.  Souls are feeling heavy and faith is growing thin, fears are getting stronger…hopelessness got some by the throat, you can see it in their eyes.  Hearts are worn in these dark ages, you’re not alone in these stories pages…the world is on fire. 

If you've come looking for hard times, hard times ain't hard to find.  Things look so bad everywhere in this whole world; what is fair?  The people on the street have all seen better times.  Lord knows that this world is cruel.  I’m so tired of these overcast skies, I’m so tired of the looks in people’s eyes.  In the paper today tales of war and of waste.  War, I despise, cause it means destruction of innocent lives.  Desperate, meaningless, all filled up with emptiness.  Seems to me you don’t want to talk about it.  The news slows, people forget, the shares crash, hopes are dashed, people forget; forget they're hiding behind an eminence front…it's a put on.  Power seems to be so far up, the man on the street ain't got a clue.  So you turn to any phony mouth with a tale to tell, but he's just a hoaxer.   I'm surrounded by liars everywhere I turn, I'm surrounded by imposters everywhere I turn.  I don't know who to trust anymore.  Lies are lies in everybody's eyes; and lies are lies.  Everybody’s talking and no one says a word. 

You know, you live by the words you choose.  Listen to the propaganda, listen to the latest slander.  In this self-absorbed complex conundrum.  What I want from us is empty our minds; but we fake, we fuss and fracture the times.  There’s no profit in deceit, honest men know revenge does not taste sweet.  No good ever comes from it, honest.  Think of what you’re saying, you can get it wrong and still you think it’s all right.  Everyone’s right and no one is sorry, that’s the start and the end of the story.  …I told you to be patient, and I told you to be fine, and I told you to be balanced, and I told you to be kind.  You don't listen, you don't hear, you're blinded by the fear that surrounds you.  But keep thinking that way and you won’t get nowhere.  …it's just a waste of time, yeah it's such a waste of time.  Someday, someway, maybe I’ll understand you.

Everybody wants to rule the world.  We take from each other and give nothing at all; well, it's a dog-gone shame but never too late for change.  I am no better and neither are you, we are the same whatever we do.  If you disrespect anybody that you run in to, how in the world do you think anybody's s'posed to respect you?   Wake up everybody take a good look around, there's far too many reasons for all the troubles goin' down.   I put my faith in the people but the people let me down.  Peel the scars from off my back, I don't need them anymore.  I want to eradicate my negative views and get rid of those people who are always on a down.  

How I wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me; it's like a book elegantly bound but in a language that you can't read just yet.  House on a quiet street, a home for the brave, a glorious kingdom with the sun on your face, rising from a long night as dark as the grave.  Is there a line that I could write, sad enough to make you cry?  Feels like there’s something just missing inside.  So many changes have all just begun to reap; I know you're asleep, wake up.  We need all the hope we can get.  Take this sinking boat and point it home, we've still got time; raise your hopeful voice you have a choice, you'll make it now.  I hope you understand.

Consider this the hint of the century.  You will find peace of mind if you look way down in your heart and soul, don't hesitate 'cause the world seems cold.  It’s our time to make a move, it’s our time to make amends, it’s our time to break the rules, let’s begin.  It's too much fun being alive.  Peace, remember peace is how we make it, here within your reach if you're big enough to take it.  But we'll never see eye to eye as long as our tongues are tied, and we'll never be seen as one until we find Love.  You must rely on Love once in a while
 to give you reason

All you need is Love.  Take this message to my brother, you will find him everywhere.  Always Love, hate will get you every time.  Release yourself from misery, there’s only one thing gonna set you free.  I am Love; all I really need is to know that you believe.  The church of man, Love, is such a holy place to be.  You got to do what you should, one life, with each other; sisters, brothers.  Love belongs to those who speak it.  …Love is love sufficient unto Love and you can figure out the rest.  I would never lie, this is not the end, there is still a hope.

Carry on, Love is coming, Love is coming to us all.  

While you live it up I'm off to sleep, waging wars to shape the poet and the beat; I hope it's gonna make you notice.  You know it's a mad mission, under difficult conditions, not everybody makes it to the Loving cup; it's a mad mission but I got the ambition, mad, mad mission, sign me up.  But when I look in your eyes and see the harmonies and the heartaches soften, I'm getting in tune, right in tune; I'm in tune, and I'm gonna tune right in on you.  This is the song of Love, let everyone sing along.



Paul Coleman - The One Thing

Leon Russell - Stranger in a Strange Land

Ray Lamontagne - How Come

Sarah McLachlan - World on Fire


Citizen Cope - Lifeline

Steve Winwood - Higher Love

Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You

Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Watching

Lucinda Williams - It’s Gonna Rain

Crowded House - Don’t Dream It’s Over

Edwin Starr - War

Foo Fighters - Come Alive

James Gang - Walk Away

The Who - Eminence Front

J.J. Cale -The Problem

Cat Stevens - The Hurt

Gavin Degraw - I Don’t Want to Be

Neil Young - A Man Needs a Maid

The Academy Is - The Fever

John Lennon - Nobody Told Me


Collective Soul - Him

Elvis Costello - Pump It Up

Young Astronomy - Faithless

Damien Rice - Rootless Tree

Robert Palmer - Every Kind of People

Ryan Adams - Two

The Beatles - We Can Work It Out

Nada Surf - See These Bones

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Sam Phillips - Baby I Can’t Please You

Joe Jackson - Wild West

Avett Brothers - I And Love And You

Marshalll Crenshaw - Someday


Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

James Ingram & Michael McDonald - Yah Mo B There

Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People

The Staples Singers - Respect Yourself

The Doobie Brothers - People Gotta Love

Rare Earth - I Just Want to Celebrate

Radical Face - Welcome Home

Lou Reed - New Sensations


Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

Bruce Springsteen - Devil’s Arcade

Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You

Brandi Carlile  - What Can I Say

Spirit - Prelude: Nothing to Hide

The Call - I Still Believe

Glen Hansard - Falling Slowly

The Verve - Lucky Man


REM - Losing My Religion

Earth, Wind & Fire - That’s the Way of the World

X Ambassadors - Renegades

Sex Pistols - Problems

Ringo Starr - It Don't Come Easy

Collective Soul - In a Moment

Teagan & Sara - Shock to Your System


The Beatles - All You Need is Love

The Doobie Brothers - Talkin It to the Streets

Nada Surf - Always Love

Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open the Door

Prince - I Would Die 4U 

David Bowie - Moonage Daydream

U2 - One

Stevie Wonder - Give Your Heart a Chance

Jason Mraz - God Moves Through You

Kendall Payne - I Will Show You Love


Crosby, Stills & Nash - Carry On


Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Patty Griffin - Mad Mission

The Who - Getting in Tune

Earth, Wind & Fire - Love is Life


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Jun. 27, 2016

Two columns and a lot of consternation later, finally adding a post.  Why is it every time I write a blog about our new house, I end up shelving it?  To be honest, what’s the use?  Talking about a mess doesn’t make it any better.  Although, before I move on to the topic at hand, will gladly share a small snippet; it’s more than enough to sum up the current feelings about our new abode.  (Btw, the decision has been made.  We’re putting it on the market.  Uncle.)  The thrill is gone.  The people next door, who haven’t even gotten in their house yet, said the same.  Not long after they get in, they’re thinking seriously of selling it.  Their assessment hit the builder’s nail on the head, the excitement of moving into their new home has been swallowed by the long and drawn-out heartache. 

I feel their pain. 

So, before moving on, here’s an excerpt from one of the two discarded “house” blogs:

“Had a short but intoxicating sob last night.  You know, the kind that forces it’s way out, no matter how you try to squelch it.  Didn’t last long; quick and effective.  Phew, needed that.  Not that I don't understand we will eventually be out of this Groundhog Day of a hell we’re living in, (one way or another.)  Just sometimes, all the shit rolls to a boiling point and spills over.  Use that descriptive expletive because it's so very applicable.  Literally.  In our brand new house, the one we’ve only been in for three months and change, the septic pump went belly up.  (It sat too long unfinished and the lines got mucked with mud.)  For days now, there’s been a hole, in our dirt clod of a yard, that's been filling with copious amounts of sewage; fortified with every flush.  A literal shitshow.  To add insult to our caldron of mucky injury, Milton fell in.  Thank God BK was there to pull him out, he was working in the back yard when he heard the splash.  Our poor pup was stuck, up to his neck.  What a mess.” 

Yup, that about sums it up.  Took two weeks to get it fixed, but we are now sewage free.  But, still no grass or driveway yet, and we’ve missed the spring rains.  I reiterate, uncle.

Luckily, there are better topics to spend time on, much better.  For those of you who haven’t been with me that long, this time last year, wrote about an eventful week in Louisville, Kentucky, attending the Skills USA national competition.  I’m back.  Went into detail about the organization in that blog, but this go round has a different purpose; running with my recent theme of kindness being key.  The reason I’m here, coaching and advising a group of students competing in technical fields for the title of National Champions.  Helping several, but my specific group this year is a television news crew of four.   Their collective wit and humor have made the trip most entertaining.  And their talent is undeniable.  They belong on the podium as far as I’m concerned.   

Every student in our group has chops.  They all won gold medals in their respective fields at the state level; they belong in the national arena.  The collective brainpower alone boggles my mind, then you throw in their extraordinary creativity and these gems are the cream of the crop.  But beyond the particular skills that landed them in Louisville, their likability is their luster.  You just want to hang out with them.  

One night of hanging out will be forever remembered; listed among most meaningful moments.  There are two young ladies this year, who also attended the competition last year, Clare and Rachel.  Together with their extraordinary teacher, Dave Hutchinson, we coached them to a silver medal in a graphic arts competition.  They are national finalists, and in my opinion, should have taken gold.  (A little biased.)  We all got close last year, so having them on the team again this time has been a huge bonus.  They’re special, they’re a cut above, natural born leaders; they are lion-hearted.  Fiercely protective of everyone on the team, they take care of everyone else’s needs before their own.  It’s who they are.  And brave, they show no fear; of competition, of challenges, of people.  But the trait that stands out the most for both of them, kindness.  They offered a lesson in compassion I will never forget. 

On this particular night, five of us had gone out to dinner; the two lions were among the group.  A doggy bag, bursting with a combination of food from several plates, was collected at the end of the meal.  Rach took out a pen before we left the restaurant and doodled on the Styrofoam container, (she’s a graphic artist, it's what they do.)  She wrote, “Food 4 U”, I should have known what was coming.  A little exposition is necessary.  Unfortunately, over the last year, Louisville has developed a healthy homeless population.  Didn’t notice it on our last trip, but this time around, there’s been a steady stream of people begging money and food.  So sad.  A cab driver told me they are mostly transplants from other areas.  Louisville must be an easy mark. 

We hadn’t gone far on our trek back to the hotel when we encountered a man asking for money.   As we proceeded to walk past, the girls stopped.  They had food to give.  I was digging in my purse for the constant flow of change that collects there, but they were ten steps ahead.  Before I had a coin in hand, they had his in theirs.  Introductions were being made, hands shaking, names shared.  They offered kindness and dignity on a scale that transcends most adult interactions in such situations.  I shook his hand, but have no recollection of his name; was too captivated by the poise and respect shown by the girls.  They took an awkward moment and turned it into a pleasant conversation between strangers.  It was an unexpected moment.  Transformed by kindness.  There was no beggar, there was a man, having a pleasant conversation with some people who were eager to share of their abundance.  We had all eaten, and were full; they wanted to make sure he knew that comfort too.  Their kindness was contagious.  The golden rule in action.  Walked away feeling like I had been a part of something rare and beautiful.  Will never forget it.  

Lead the way, lion hearts, I will gladly follow.  


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May. 13, 2016

Been throwing this one around for quite a few days now.  Haven’t been sure how to approach it.  But, hey, sometimes you just have to speak your piece.  I’ve developed an unnatural fear of DTs, not delirium tremens, (only occasionally imbibe,) no, my fear is centered around Donald Trumpisms.  Started an “Opinions” tab on my website for political commentary, because this doesn’t seem like the place for that, but some topics are unavoidable.  The presumptive GOP nominee has me scared.   

Wondering if we’ve all gone nuts or have slipped into an alternate universe, one where the playground bully, (the character in the movies we root against, the rich kid who eviscerates everyone around him with his acid tongue,) the one devoid of character and compassion, is the one who wins in the end. 

I’m confused.  Got a few questions. 

Is the GOP actually standing behind a man who has knee-jerk sophomoric reactions to criticism?  A man who pummels those who oppose him with scorching invectives, as a standard practice?  Is disregarding decency and strength of character worth it for the sake of party unity?  Can it even be possible they are throwing their hands up and resigning themselves to DT as their candidate?  Surely Rod Serling has come back from the grave; we are entering The Twilight Zone.

Some interesting news stories have surfaced about DT; represents some real presidential material.  Like his chosen method of telling his second wife he wanted a divorce, taking out an ad in the New York Post.  His biographer, Robert Slater, in an interview with BuzzFeed News, relayed the story, ‘'He put the newspaper down in front of her door that said, ‘Donald is Divorcing Marla.'’  Mr. Slater was told he couldn’t use the story in the book he was writing for DT.  Gee, can’t imagine why not, such a heart-warming little anecdote.

Then there is always the fairy-tale about, Trump Taj Mahal, in Atlantic City.  One of the four bankruptcies DT “negotiated.”  When veteran securities analyst, Marvin Roffman, (who had specialized in the gaming industry since the first casino in Atlantic City opened in 1978,) warned DT the project would fail, give you one guess how he reacted, bingo, threatened to sue him and demanded he be fired, all the while publically deriding him.  Never mind actually listening to the expert, Roffman was saying something he didn’t want to hear, so the only course of action, natch, crush him.  And crush him he did, Roffman lost his job and reputation.  Interestingly, they did eventually end up in court, Roffman won.  More money out the door for the DT, he lost a bundle on that botched business fiasco; along with his yacht and airplane.  But hey, according to DT, filing for bankruptcy is a common business tool.  In his own words at the Sept. 16th CNN Republican debate, “I used the law four times and made a tremendous thing.  I’m in business.  I did a very good job.”  Mr. Roffman might have something to say about that. 

Imprudent DT stories aside, the real fear with this man of such dismal character, pack mentality.  DT has assumed the alpha-male role like a duck takes to water; and he’s leading the pack down a dangerous hole.  It’s dark and angry.  Inciting that kind of biting, snarling attitude has proven to be dangerous and it’s only going to get worse the more power he is given.  Case in point, Megyn Kelly.  In her interview with People Magazine, she described the aftermath of DT’s public attacks following the Fox News presidential debate.  He was unhappy with her pointed questions as one of the moderators.  DT made some classy references to her being on her menstrual cycle.  (Absolutely the kind of comments we want a president making, wouldn’t you agree?)  In the article, “I Just Wanted It to Stop”, by Emily Strohm and Charlotte Triggs, Kelly talked about the animosity coming in endless waves.  As a result of his reaction and inflammatory statements against her, the pack was worked into a frenzy.  Kelly acknowledged, ‘“The hate can be very ugly and it can be threatening and it can be off-putting when you're walking around the city with your kids in particular.”’

One thing DT has done better than anyone in this campaign cycle and beyond, he’s elevated the art of the insult.  Taken name-calling to new heights.  What an image for the leader of our country. We’ll all be so proud.  Looked up the science of name-calling, interesting stuff.  One definition, “…a technique to promote propaganda. Propagandists use the name-calling technique to incite fears or arouse positive prejudices with the intent that invoked fear.”  It’s worked for me, only the fear is centered on DT, not the people he criticizes. 

My hope, (a fantastic fantasy,) the talks at the White House today with Speaker Ryan were to assure the political players their club is safe, DT is going to take the world stage and make the play of a lifetime.  (Have posed this scenario on my Opinions tab.)  Make the boldest move in the history of politics; at his zenith, DT walks to the podium in an expected acceptance of the nomination and, in that moment of being the epicenter of world attention, anoints the chosen.  His apprentice.  Admits he doesn’t want to be president, (who would,) and assumes the kingmaker instead.  A role he’s much more suited for.  He retains his fame and doesn’t have to pretend he wants to work 24 hours a day being responsible for our country.  The Republican Party, in a wild celebratory whirl of relief, goes all in with the Chosen and all is well that ends well.  (The fervor might even give them what they need to beat Hilary.) 

Not a chance he would do such a thing, you say?  I can hope, can’t I.  The alternative is unthinkable.  DT wouldn't make America great again, he'd make us criminals.  A man one step away from the presidency who, lies and childish responses aside, actually said the way to cut the legs out from under ISIS is to go after their families.  He believes we should engage in the same form of terrorism we are trying to free ourselves from.  Disregard the Geneva Convention and willfully kill innocent women and children.  Wonder if all his devoted pack followers would be willing to pull the trigger.  

Fear of DT, oh yes.  To use one of his often repeated qualifiers, very, very afraid.    


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